Registered Dietitian, Board Certified in Sports Nutrition, Food Scientist

Joy is passionate about sharing evidence-based nutrition and food science information that can be easily understood and applied by consumers. Her audio and video presentations range in topics from food safety to shopping for healthy foods to sports nutrition.

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As a Registered Dietitian and food science expert, Joy is a recognized expert by the media on various topics related to health and wellness. She is committed to providing up-to-date information to consumers that is relevant and applicable.

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Joy’s Philosophy

I believe that all foods can fit into a well balanced eating pattern. Diet is my least favorite word as eating healthy and being active is a life-long journey. Science is evolving but as a PhD scientist and Registered Dietitian I can interpret the science and apply what is practical and relevant.

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NBC 4, Washington, DC

“Tips on Foods That Boost Your Immune System”

Dietician Dr. Joy Dubost has tips on foods to eat to boost your immune system and prevent illness, including fatty fish like salmon, leafy greens, dark chocolate and blueberries. Dubost spoke with News4’s Melissa Mollet.

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