Registered Dietitian, Board Certified in Sports Nutrition, Food Scientist


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Radio Appearances

  • Airtalk with Larry Mantle, Breakfast nosh and thirst quenchers biggest news in 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines.” 1/7/16. Guest Joy Dubost talks about the new dietary guidelines.
  •, Really Truly Fit with Jim White, Episode Titled “Cheers for Beers,” 03/14/16. Jim and Jess discuss all things related to beer with their special guest Joy Dubost – Registered Dietitian, Food Scientist, and beer connoisseur.
  • RadioMD Podcast, “Low-Calorie Drinking for Holiday Parties” 12/14/14. As the holidays approach, parties become numerous, as does the challenge of keeping your commitment to healthful eating and drinking. Festive drinks are as much a part of holiday fun and tradition as the delicious food, but the calories add up fast. These healthy tips from registered dietitian, Joy Dubost, will allow you to enjoy the holiday cheer without weighing you down or increasing the numbers on the scale.
  • Morning Edition from NPR News: The Salt, NPR’s Food Blog, “Low And Slow May Be The Way To Go When It Comes To Dieting.” 9/10/12. Dr. Dubost discusses low-glycemic diets.
  • Jon Grayson’s Restaurant Tuesday. Science of Food, “Antioxidants,” with guest, Joy Dubost. 2011.


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