Registered Dietitian, Board Certified in Sports Nutrition, Food Scientist


Joy’s Philosophy

I became interested in food and nutrition when I was a teenager with health issues. I met with a Registered Dietitian who assisted me in ensuring what I ate was wholesome, nutritious and enjoyable. Through this experience I discovered not… Continue reading

Healthy Grilling

It’s that time of year and if you are like me you love breaking out the grill for another season of all things BBQ. However we all must take caution as there are cancer causing compounds called heterocyclic amines and… Continue reading

Get Hooked on Seafood

Seafood, particularly “fatty fish”  is an excellent source of high quality protein, low in calories and provide other essential nutrients, such as healthy fats, vitamin D, vitamin B12, selenium and iodine. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, the… Continue reading