Registered Dietitian, Board Certified in Sports Nutrition, Food Scientist


Is your company looking for an expert in nutrition and/or food science? As the President of Dubost Food & Nutrition Solutions, LLC., Joy is available to work with your company to meet your goals and objectives. She has extensive experience working with food manufacturers, commodity groups, brewers, restaurants, and food service operations by providing expertise in developing healthier products, promotion of products through traditional and social media, as well as educational materials, and serving as a product spokesperson.

The following are areas of expertise Joy can provide to meet your company needs:

Food, Beverage and Nutrition Supplement Manufacturers

Assist companies in developing new, healthier products or modify existing product formulations to become healthier and more nutritious. Position these products to consumers through product claims, marketing materials, and social media. Conduct ingredient research and stay abreast of nutrition and food science trends.

Beer and Healthy Food Pairings

Learn about the health benefits of moderate beer consumption as well as how to pair the appropriate style of beer with healthier food pairings. Assistance on how to conduct a beer and food pairing dinner, as well as serve as moderator and host.

Food Policy

Assist companies with regulatory landscape including development of both written and oral comments addressing a specific nutrition and food science topic.



Assist companies in understanding the current scientific landscape on nutrition and food science and then translate this science into meaningful, impactful messages for their clients/consumers.

General Nutrition

Conduct seminars on proper nutrition for general wellness as well as optimum nutrition for athletes. Develop educational materials and diet plans for clients.

Food and Science Education

Assist clients with understanding ingredient technology and health claims. Conduct seminars on various food science topics, including antioxidants and functional foods.

Health Professional Outreach

Develop a strategy on how to develop a relationship with key nutrition influencers, including those active in the media. Assist with executing that strategy including how to best communicate with health professionals with the continued growth of these relationships.