Registered Dietitian, Board Certified in Sports Nutrition, Food Scientist


The topic of Joy’s presentations can be customized to suit your audience’s regardless of the size of the audience. Joy’s presentation style is dynamic and engaging. She has presented in front of diverse audiences, including media, consumers, marketing professionals, regulators, and scientists. The following are some of the examples of presentations available; however suggested topics are always welcomed. She can also serve as a moderator or host.

  • Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight
  • Alcohol: What does the 2015 Dietary Guidelines state?
  • Health Benefits & Beyond of Moderate Beer Consumption
  • Good Nutrition to Improve your Performance in Sports
  • Eating According to MyPlate and the 2015 Dietary Guidelines
  • Functional Ingredients for Products
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Why does color really matter?
  • Fad Diets: Too good to be true?
  • The Health Benefits of Whole Grains
  • Salt: The real story
  • Approaches to Lower  Sodium in Products
  • Carbohydrates: Should I be avoiding carbs?
  • Antioxidants: Do they really work?
  • Tips for Managing Winter Weight Gain, including the Holiday Season
  • Nutrition Claims: Can you really say that?
  • Future Career Plans in Nutrition and/or Food Science